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Musk Mallow Water Droplet

Made from
Musk Mallow Seed Extract,
this water recipe is the core
ingredient for firm skin and

Aging Monster

Made up of the 5 signs of aging,
this culprit speeds up aging
and leaves behind a trail of
withered flowers in its wake.

Time Freeze Anti-Aging Bubbles

Made with Skin Fit Up™ and
Dynamic Collagen_EX™ technology,
this power bubble can help
defeat Aging Monsters.

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Move the Musk Mallow
Water Droplet by sliding
your finger across the screen

Move the Time Freeze
droplet using the arrow keys

Revive the withered
flower buds before the
Aging Monster catches up

Catch Time Freeze Anti-Aging
Bubbles to stun the
Aging Monsters for 5 seconds

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